November 21st 2018
Arora Hotel, Crawley

Meet and connect with big businesses

A rare chance to meet important contacts

November 21st 2018
Arora Hotel, Crawley

Meet the buyers who are looking for suppliers

And may need your services or products

November 21st 2018
Arora Hotel, Crawley

Meet buyers who can help you get a foot in the door

And identify new opportunities for your business

November 21st 2018
Arora Hotel, Crawley

But don’t just meet the buyers

Grab the chance to network with other local businesses

Register now for Gatwick Diamond Meet the Buyers 2018

A chance to take your business to the next level

Connect face to face with some of the region and the country’s biggest businesses – both private and public sector. Big businesses who are looking for local or small suppliers like you and may be able to offer you exciting new contracts or opportunities.


It’s a rare opportunity to get your foot in the door

When you register, your profile will be assessed and given to the buyers so that we can arrange a schedule of appointments for you with businesses who are looking for the products or service you offer.


Make your pitch

On the day, you’ll be able to pitch, present and explore opportunities with key decision makers on a one to one basis.


We’ll help you prepare and follow up

Your success depends on how well you prepare for your meetings and how you follow up afterwards. So we provide you with all the tools and information you need to help with that. Just download [our free guides] or attend one of our seminars.


Extend your networking with our App

Our venue provides space and opportunity to network and our Delegate Select App enables you to identify businesses who may be of interest and are available on the day to meet.  You can even scan a QR code embedded in another attendees’ badge to capture their contact details making follow up easy.


What will the day be like?

Last year 128 local businesses and 21 big businesses took part in over 500 formal meetings and many, many more informal ones! A buffet lunch is included and there’s Wi-Fi and quiet rooms available to give you a productive day.



Gatwick Diamond Meet the Buyers 2018 is sponsored by:


  1. You register as a Supplier & provide details of your products or services
  2. Your business will be matched to relevant Buyers & allocated appointments
  3. You research and prepare for each meeting
  4. You’ll have a number of one to one meetings on the day
  5. It is vital to follow up afterwards

Gatwick Diamond Meet the Buyers

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Gatwick Diamond Meet the Buyers brings local, regional & national buyers together with local businesses in the regi…

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Gatwick Diamond Meet the Buyers

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